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UK Series – Rutland 5th-6th April

Last updated: 11 April, 2014

The 9 boats at the training weekend were trumped a week later by 11 at the first race event for 2014, Rutland.  This is a new event for the circuit based more around integrating  Rutland 2 - Timothy Olin   with club racing rather than the typical open format.  The Saturday racing consisted of the usual 3 windward leeward races, but the Sunday had a single windward leeward in the morning with a pursuit race in the afternoon.

Rutland 3 - Timothy Olin Fabulous conditions on Saturday saw the fleet take to the water in a 15-20mph wind.  In keeping with previous Rutland events, where counting laps has been an issue, the fleet failed to navigate straight to the correct upwind mark leaving those who had a poor start a golden opportunity to capitalise and get a good result.  Those that headed to the wrong mark were left to spend the remainder of the race making up lost ground.  The second and third races went more smoothly with lots of close racing throughout the fleet.  By the end of day this had left a mixed bag of results for Rutland 1 - Timothy Olineveryone with a narrow lead held by Geoff & Bernice Holden.


In addition to a fabulous effort organising the weekend’s racing Tim Litt produced a great night out at a local Oakham pub to keep the social aspect of the class well catered for.  And, having seen the forecast of strong winds for the following day a full 3 course meal and plenty of local ale was enjoyed by most to make sure we were ready for the contest.


Rutland 5 - Timothy OlinDay 2 saw the forecasted more challenging conditions, with sustained gusts building during the first race to more than 30mph on top of a base wind of 20- 25mph.  The fleet set out and a number had some wake up swims before the racing started.  However, racing got away cleanly with the more experienced crews getting an early break.  As the race progressed the wind increased, peaking during the second lap which produced some brilliant photos (courtesy of Timothy Olin, a local club member).  By the finish, a number of crews had capsized and called it a day leaving 6 boats standing with massive grins and new aches and pains to deal with.


The afternoon race proved unpopular due to the strengthening winds, with only 2 local 4000s venturing out to join a small group of other Rutland boats.   Well done to Ant Chapman & Ken Lines  Rutland 4 - Timothy Olinfor completing the race despite a number of capsizes and moving up to third overall after Tim retired with a worn out crew.  The rest of the fleet decided to pack for the journey home and spectate.


Congratulations to overall winners Geoff & Bernice Holden,Rutland 6 - Winners Geoff and Bernice Holden - Richard de Fleury securing top spot over a fantastic performance by Calum Terry & Tom Evill.

 Rutland 7 - Runners Up Calum Terry and Tom Evill- Richard de Fleury

Thanks Tim Litt and Rutland SC for a great event, see you again in October!


More photos for both weekends can be found on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/UK4000Association


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Back to back busy weekends for the revamped 4000 class!

Last updated: 10 April, 2014

Training weekend 29th-30th March

Following on from the Dinghy Show, the 2014 season kicked off in earnest at Grafham with the 4000 training weekend.  In past years this has been a perilous event with howling gales and snow, so it was a pleasant surprise to have near perfect conditions with warm sunshine and a 15mph wind.

Grafham 1 - Richard de Fleury9 boats arrived with a full range of abilities from those already racing on the circuit to newcomers to the class.  Following a short briefing the boats were ‘rigged’ and then re-rigged in some cases, so that kite sheets were the right way round and through the correct pulleys.  The morning plan was for a ‘get out and blow the cobwebs out’ session, sailing up and down.  This went well with a number of boats testing the limit between ‘blowing out’ or ‘washing out’ the cobwebs!  Our coach for the weekend, Alayne Seymour, provided on the water hints and tips as well as taking video for the evening debrief.

Following lunch, and a bit of coaching on how to keep the mast the correct way up, sailing resumed with the aim of improving stronger wind handling, particularly gybing.  Inevitably this involved some more swims for some of the less experienced crews, but as the afternoon progressed and coaching was absorbed the capsizes reduced and the sailing improved.


Saturday finished with a useful video debrief on ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ do it in the club bar followed by a great social evening in the local pub.


On Sunday the fleet took part in the club racing in order to put their new skills to practice, or at least that was the plan.  The wind had other ideas serving up a near perfect mirror.  After a short delay the race officer somehow found the wind direction and set a windward leeward course.  So off we went with crews pushed well forwards into the ‘play pen’.    Grafham 2 - Richard de FleuryRaces 2 and 3 served up similar conditions but perhaps a fraction more wind.   Overall the 4000 fleet performed well in the handicap class taking the top spots for the day with an outstanding performance by newcomers to the class James and Jenny Macgregor.


Well done to all who came and thanks to Fran Howell for organising it and Alayne Seymour for providing the coaching.  Now, let’s see you all on the circuit!

4Play is back!

Last updated: 22 March, 2014

4Play is back!4Play image

After some time away, ‘4Play’, the 4000 Class Association periodical magazine is back!

In this Issue:

And much more……

Download your copy here

Next event:  29 / 30th March,   4000 Training Weekend at Grafham Water Sailing Club

the 4000 Training weekend 29 / 30th March, which is open to all 4000 sailors.

For more information see the forum thread on our website

Hope to see you there!

TIMES UP! The covers are finally off!

Last updated: 28 February, 2014

The covers are finally off! 

The 4000 at Alexandra Palace The 4000 at Alexandra Palace

The 4000 in all its glory is now on stand F24 at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2014.  (Here are some sneak pics of the stand).  In addition to the show we have launched our new website www.4000.org.uk carrying our new branding, general facelift and social media links.

As promised there are a number of proposed changes on display following a great deal of effort from various quarters to get them done in time for the show!  Here is a rundown of the proposals however, if you can, get down to the show 1st & 2nd March a see them for yourself.

The Proposed Changes

Sails – Safety / Cost – Modern square top with some floatation to help when righting the boat.  Square top offers more gust response and a modern look.

4000 at AP stand and bow of boatMast – Safety / Cost / Durability – Mast tube replaced with more robust ‘Gamma’ section that will require less sleeving to achieve the same bend and robustness.  Less sleeving reduces cost slightly and reduces weight which makes righting the boat easier after a capsize.

Trapeze wire – Safety / Cost – Switch to rope instead of wire along with possible additional crude adjuster

Kicker wire – Cost – Switch to rope instead of wire and can be made at home with a splicing fid with the original pulleys.  Also remove u bolt on mast and replace with spectra loop to reduce wear on jib leach.

Trampolines – Cost / Durability / Availability – a new replacement version is being looked at that would offer less windage when capsized.

Spinnaker sock – Cost / Availability – a new replacement version

The 4000 on display belongs to Steve Cockerill and he bought it for £950 about 1 month ago.  It is boat Number 4190 (i.e. 190th boat built) and was built in 1996; so is 18 years old and still looks great!  For the show it has been given the prototype mast and sails, new ropes, new deck hardware, other new updates and general clean.  These have brought the boat image up to date whilst addressing other issues such as cost, safety and availability of spares.

“I can’t see you getting more buzz for your buck than with a 4000” Steve Cockerill. “I can’t see you getting more buzz for your buck than with a 4000” Steve Cockerill.

(Just click the pictures to see a close-up)

4000 Class Press Release

Last updated: 20 January, 2014

4000-class-logo-transparentOver the last few months there have been a number of developments with regards to the 4000 Class, and some of you may have heard through the grapevine that changes are afoot.  I am pleased to announce that the designers of the boat, Phil Morrison and Derek Clark, have signed off a new licence holder for production and marketing – Rooster Sailing Ltd.  In addition the boat will now be known as a ‘4000’. 


Sneak Preview at Roosters PrototypeTest SiteFurther to the change in name and supplier there has been a 4000 Steering Group set up with a remit to improve and promote 4000 class racing.  To that end, the committee has looked at various aspects of the boat with regards to safety, durability, marketing, supply and cost.  From this a number of proposals for modifications to the boat have been made which are not intended to alter the performance, so old will be able to sail with new competitively.  Details of what is being looked at will be released soon and a number of these proposals will be on display at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show on the 1st-2nd March 2014 on the UK 4000 Class Association Stand F24.”

On behalf on the Class Association I would like to extend a warm welcome to Rooster Sailing Ltd and hope that with their help we may be able to breathe new life into our great class and get large fleets sailing again.  I would also like to thank the Steering Group for all their work to date developing the new parts.

Author: Richard de Fleury


Image / Logo: Rooster Sailing Ltd


Trailer to Garda – Latest News -

Last updated: 1 January, 2014

Absolute latest (14/1/14).  We now have six 4000′s confirmed with Tony Ainsworth, who is taking 2 trailers x 6 boats each, going to Garda.  We are competing for trailer space with the Solo’s, who are sailing at Riva whilst we are at Campione.  There are still 3 or 4 places on his second trailer if you get in quick (again, ahead of the Solo’s), and I am sure that these will be at the lower price of £460 as he should fill everything up eventually.

The original prices as below:
Six assorted boats      £460.00
Five    “          “          £550.00
Four    “          “         £690.00         

Deposit of £150.00 reserves a place.  If you’d like to go to Garda without having to trail your boat all the way, SIGN UP SOON! (contact Fran or myself for Tony’s bank details)


2014 Events

Last updated: 10 November, 2013

The 2014 series is coming together, Europeans now set for glorious Garda, and Nationals as part of Torbay Week. We will add more UK series events as they are locked in. If you’ve an idea for an event e-mail Neil - events@laser4000.org.ukFor full details go to the Events Calendar page.

Rutland Water SC – 19/20 October 2013

Last updated: 29 October, 2013

A damp and muggy morning greeted the fleet at Rutland Sailing Club for the 2013 Inlands.  However, the breezy day we had been forecast was nowhere to be seen with patchy wind on the water.  Nonetheless the fleet of 9 rigged in earnest and by the first start a light wind had filled in.

From start to finish there was good close racing with no runaway leaders and plenty of position changes throughout the fleet creating a mixed bag of results.  Fran & John, the favourites to take the title, showed their wealth of experience taking the first two races. 

By race three the wind had improved but was still presenting a challenge with crews trying to search out the best of the breeze particularly on the downwind leg.  The filling wind brought with it some shifty gusts which caused a few issues, most notably for the early leaders Fran & John who uncharacteristically binned it in the drink during a gybe in race 3 from the lead.  With the leaders upside down the championship was flung wide open with Tim & Harry taking full advantage to chalk up a win to close out day one. In the same race 5th, 6th and 7th was practically a photo finish with a big gust carrying in Mark & Matt and Richard & Jo from wide at speed towards a deep soaking Neil & Charlotte.  Following much spray and a late aborted gybe by Mark all three passed the line unsure who had got what?  5th was taken by Mark with the others left to work out what happened!?   

Day 2 brought the wind we had been expecting with white caps becoming more frequent as bigger gusts rolled through providing excellent racing.  Tim & Harry picked up where they had left off on day 1 taking another win with a surprise challenge coming from Callum & Tom, Rutland locals and newcomers to 4ks, taking their third consecutive 2nd place.  Fran & John replied in the next with a win in the windiest race of the event to force a decider for first overall.  The second race also saw a number of the fleet testing the water temperature along with a number of the other fleets present.  At one point a significant number of boats were over up and down the racecourse proving some of the gusts were indeed what the weatherman had promised getting well into a F6.

The final race saw Fran & John squeezed into 3rd place by Neil & Charlotte while Tim & Harry took another win to be crowned Inland Champions.  Rutland as ever was a cracking event and it was great to see a number of newcomers to the fleet in particular Callum and Tom who showed some real promise for the future coming 3rd overall.

Congratulations to Tim & Harry on their win.  Also many thanks to Rutland SC and our race officer David Wilkins and his team for a fantastic event with expertly run racing. 

Do you own a 4k? Have you told us about it? If not please email your boat No. and the club you sail at to press@laser4000.org.uk  we’re trying to find them all.

4K’s – where – are – you?

Last updated: 27 September, 2013

See the link in Yachts and Yachting 

or our own page here

GJW Sailfest 2013 – 23/26th August

Last updated: 31 August, 2013

The L4000’s took part in the spinnaker classes’ handicap fleet over the August Bank holiday weekend. The interesting thing was sailing with the ISO’s, Alto’s and Javelins; all four classes were very evenly matched boat for boat around the race course. This is surely the best evidence for a review of the Laser 4000 PY rating.

The courses were of a trapezoid type around the iconic light blue Olympic buoys, giving a fast two sail reach after the windward mark rounding, followed by two exciting kite legs with breezes up to 22 knots. The standard of race management was excellent as you would expect from this venue. Each boat was given a GPS tracker, so all races could be studied ashore to show tactics and speeds, with the Laser 4000’s in excess of 17 knots.

The Sailfest event included coaching for those who asked for it, and there was a debrief and video of Saturday’s racing by Peter Aitkin. There was also a fascinating talk given by the CEO of WPNSA on the meticulously detailed preparations leading up to the Olympics last summer.

This form of handicap racing proved most enjoyable practically as there were closely matched boats with which to engage. The results for the L4000 series were extracted from the overall.