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Yorkshire Dales Event

Last updated: 22 May, 2016

UK Series Round 2 – YDSC


Registration open from 9am

Briefing 10:30am

Racing starts at 12pm and will consist of 3 back to back races


Racing begins at 10am and will consist of 3 back to back races which should be done by lunchtime allowing people to get away at a reasonable time. Race 4 – the 4000 will be the only ones racing and for races 5&6 there will be club racing on the same racecourse but with a separate start.

Entry Fees

Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club is a Charity and operates a donation system for open events. Typical donations made for a 2 day open are in the region of £30 Forms will be available at Registration

There is a £3 fee to the Association

If you are not already you must also be a member of the 4000 UK Association (£30 for the year but a reduced fee may be available for people wishing to only do this event). You can join on the day at registration.