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Friendly Class

The 4000 Class Association is probably the friendliest around. We offer training sessions specifically aimed at those new to the class association, which gives people the opportunity to meet some of the more established fleet members and get some invaluable ‘top-tips’ on sailing your boat as well as a chance to meet other ‘newbies’.

4000 sailors come in all shapes and sizes, proving how well the weight equalisation system works. This means we have a wide variety of sailors, from teenage siblings, students, couples in their 20’s, fathers and sons/daughters.  The average age at a recent event when we did a straw pole in the bar was 27, but as you can see there is a very large range. It is probably because of the diverse demographics that the fleet is so welcoming. At longer events groups of sailors go out to dinner, but you could end up in any random grouping and have a great night. These usually end up at the same bar as everyone else (the leafy bar in Garda, tartan bar in Bandol etc.).

One of the things that the class is most pleased about is the feedback from clubs, who almost without exception comment on how we are the friendliest class they have and how they enjoy hosting our events. It is a great testament to all those who take part in events. So whatever your level, rocket-ship fast or needing arm-bands, don’t be shy, come along and join us. You’ll learn lots from sailing against some top sailors and people are always happy to help and offer advice. You may also make some great friends – many of the class socialise with members ‘off the circuit’. Winter ski-trips are not unknown as well.

It’s not just here in the UK that the fun happens. There are pockets of 4000 sailors in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and a very active class in Italy where it’s one of the ‘premier’ dinghy classes with a high demand for second-hand boats. In fact it’s not unusual for some of the Brits to sell their boats at the “top of the slipway” after the Europeans. The Italians have a very professional website, and a series of events like here in the UK, and they had over 20 boats at their nationals. We work closely with the Italians on the European events to make sure that the venues are great for both the UK & Italian fleets – although it makes a change being asked for “aqua” rather than water at a mark!