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The 4000

4000s racing in Quiberon

The 4000 (aka Rooster 4000, 4K, 4-tonner and originally as the Laser 4000) is a racing dinghy crewed by two persons. Its one-design weight-equalised system enables physically differing sailors to compete on a level playing field. It is most popular in Europe, particularly the UK, France and Italy.


The 4000 is a fast, planing skiff-style dinghy with a trapeze for the crew and trampolines for the helm. Upwind, the boat does not point especially close to the wind, but its fully battened sails give enough power to keep up with similar-sized boats. Downwind, however is where the boat excels due to its asymmetric spinnaker (or gennaker).  In a force 3 the 4000 will plane and the crew can get out on the wire. However, most sailors crave a good force 4-5 when the boat performs its best. The 4000 is often fast enough to make use of the apparent wind to reach the bottom of the racecourse sooner.

In lighter winds, crews can make use of the gybing gennaker pole when sailing downwind. This allows them to show a larger part of the spinnaker to the wind whilst sailing further away from the wind direction.

Full speed in 30+knots

Vital statistics


Portsmouth Yardstick number: 922

Designed in 1994 by Phil Morrison.
One-design sloop rigged dinghy of fibreglass construction.
Notable features include:
– single trapeze
– centre-sheeted main
– open self-draining deck
– dagger board
– single line hoist/drop gennaker with gybing pole
– gnav system in place of the vang (kicking strap) allowing greater space for the crew

Length (LOA) : 4.64m
Mast Height : 7.10m
Beam (width) : 1.50m – 2.30m (depending on equalisation rack settings)

Sail Areas:
Main (fully battened) : 10.80m sq.
Jib (fully battened) : 3.90m sq.
Gennaker (asym. Spinnaker) : 17.10m sq.